Welcome to Asset Marking Labels.co.uk , a range of Cost Effective Printed Labels from Customark Limited. Your can order from our standard list of Budget, Custom or Pre-Titled Asset Labels and Tags, adding your own company name, logo and serial numbers / barcodes. Asset labels are used quite commonly in businesses, schools and local authorities making it easier to track all of their valuable items and equipment. They are regularly used to protect IT equipment in the private and education sectors such as a school, but can also be used to monitor medical equipment in hospital trusts, heating apparatus for local councils and retail products in warehouses. As a leading manufacturer of labels to all sectors of business, Customark Limited know how important it is to take control of your property - maintaining an Asset Register is just one part of the problem, you must also be able to identify individual items and this is done quickly and easily using our high quality labels. Companies can lose thousands of pounds every year replacing lost and stolen items, so the use of marking labels is a strong visual warning that an item has been catalogued and registered. If an item is moved from one department to another a simple label can clearly identify where its original home should be. Designed to be durable, two of our most popular materials for these type of labels are tamper-evident vinyl and self adhesive polyester. Tamper-resistant labels are particularly hard wearing, and can also be ordered so that the word VOID is left on the surface of the item after removal, making it less attractive to potential thieves and therefore less likely to be sold on after theft. Custom Asset Labels and Tags can also be produced with your own logo for a more personal look and with barcodes so that the item can be scanned in and out of your asset registers. <a href="contents/en-uk/index.html" title="Home" target="_top" <a href="contents/en-uk/d86_Budget_Asset_Labels_and_Tags.html" title="Budget Marking Labels" target="_top" <a href="contents/en-uk/d64_Standard_Asset_Tag_Labels.html" title="Standard Asset Tags" target="_top" <a href="contents/en-uk/d1_Security_ID_Asset_Labels.html" title="Security ID Labels" target="_top" <a href="contents/en-uk/d82_Custom_Asset_Labels.html" title="Custom Asset Labels" target="_top" <a href="contents/en-uk/d17_School_Asset_Labels.html" title="School Asset Labels" target="_top"

Welcome to AssetMarkingLabels.co.uk

As a specialist UK label manufacturer, supplying asset labels, stickers and markings including our Popular Asset Tags, Security ID Labels, Custom Asset Labels and School Asset Labels.

Using Asset Labels is a perfect way of tracking varying assets within your company, school, local authority. From recognising the assets that require frequent repairs, to giving you peace of mind that your property is secure, asset labels provide low cost technology for data collection.

Designed to be durable but also keeping affordability in mind, we produce our 38mm x 20mm labels using varied materials such as self adhesive vinyl, polyester, synthetic PP and tamper proof products. Two of our more popular types of labels are tamper-evident vinyl and self-adhesive polyester.

For a no obligation quote you can contact us via email: sales@customark.co.uk or call: +44 (0)1384 264700


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